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Leg Spreader Obedience Chair With Sex Machine

Leg Spreader Obedience Chair With Sex Machine

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Master Series

Get ready to put yourself in a precarious position… of pleasure! This bondage chair is built for making your partner or submissive obedient while you bring them over the edge of ecstasy again and again! It also doubles as a comfortable way to self-serve yourself some powerful poundings! Simply lean back, put your legs up, and enjoy premium, kinky luxury with this adjustable bondage chair and compatible sex machine attachment! Now you can position yourself or your partner at the angle that works perfectly for you both. This chair has a heavy duty frame that can handle up to 330 lbs (149 kg). With an adjustable backboard, you can sit them upright with legs stretched out or lifted high and wide, or lay them back so their body relaxes and stretches out, their chest and belly exposed to an array of pleasure and pain. Their leg height can also be adjusted for their comfort; get the perfect angle to hit their A-spot, G-spot or P-spot! The whole chair is adjustable both for your comfort and theirs! As they sink into the plush, foam cushions covered with vegan leather, they'll be able to handle longer scenes and their body will have some padding to push into as you play with them! To keep them in place, there are straps with plastic buckles that easily secure their legs and chest. Whether it's to keep them safely bound or to keep them from writhing too much in pain or pleasure, these adjustable straps have a quick release function so they can get on and off easily. On the back of the board are D-rings for wrist cuffs or other bondage accessories to clip to.

The chair alone is enough for a fantastic evening of sexy play, but add to it the compatible, completely detachable sex machine that allows you to put on a show for your partner or to enjoy it at home alone! This powerful thrusting dildo is made out of silicone and has an RPM of 195! You can use the dildo included or swap it out with any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo for a custom pounding! Use the corded controller by holding it in your hand as you're strapped into the chair and adjust the speed manually so you can get exactly the sensations you want! The variable speed dial lets you get precisely the speed and power you're craving! The machine can be plugged into a wall outlet or extension cord so you can enjoy full power all the time and never have to worry about recharging it or getting batteries!

To clean the chair after use, spray with a toy cleaner and use a soft cloth to wipe it clean. Avoid exposure to sunlight and heat to preserve the vegan leather material longer.

Various ways to enjoy…

Seated Upright, Legs Spread: They are exposed and open for your hands, toys or sex machine and dildo to penetrate and play with! With their hands bound behind their head, even they can't give themselves the sweet release their body desires! Grab a vibrating wand and press it to their most sensitive erogenous zones and get them dripping wet. Their chest is bare for you to slap, pinch, or play with it. Grab a Wartenberg wheel and run it across their skin. Take a slapper and slap their inner thighs or chest and watch them react to each impact! Put a gag in their mouth and talk dirty to them as you caress their vulnerable body, then use your own body or the sex machine to penetrate them with their legs up as you stand and deliver a pounding!

Half Reclined (Female): Lower the backrest to a 45 degree angle. With their legs up and their hips forward, they're at the perfect angle for getting at their G-spot! Introduce some more stimulation with nipple clamps, watch them drool as you muffle their moans with a ballgag, or blindfold them soall of their senses are enhanced! Instead of penetration, use a vibrator on them while they're restrained with nowhere to go!

Half Reclined (Male, Pegging): Bring their hips to the very edge of the chair. With the chair in a 45 degree angle, bind their chest and waist with the straps and bring their hands over the head by attaching cuffs to the D-rings on the chair. Their legs are strapped in so they're completely at your mercy! Play with them to get them excited; use a stroker, vibrator, or your hand to tease them. Play with their nipples and use nipple clamps. Use a paddle, slapper, crop or flogger to punish and play with them. You can even try out some e-stim and see how much you can get them to writhe and struggle in the chair! Then use the sex machine to pound their backside or enjoy doing the deed yourself!

Fully Reclined, Arms Back: This pose is great for those who can get their hips at the level of the backboard; it may require stepping up on something, but you can have the sex machine pounding them while you let them use their mouth on your body. Their belly and chest are completely exposed to you so you can add clothespins, clamps, use Wartenberg wheels, vampire gloves or other impact play toys!

  • Overall: 66.5 inches Length x 21.5 inches Width x 57 inches Height.
  • Torso pad: 3 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width.
  • Seat pad: 22 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width.
  • Leg rests: 11 inches Length x 8 inches Width.
  • Dildo: 7.2 inches insertable, 1.75 inches widest diameter, 2.4 inches thrust length.

    Max weight limit: 330 lbs

    Materials: Chair: Iron, wood, foam, PVC leather, nylon, ABS plastic Dildo: Silicone

    Color: Black

    Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Frame: This durable frame is made out of iron and wood and can hold up to 330 lbs.
  • Adjustable Backrest and Legs: Lean back or sit up. Stretch out your legs or lift them up high with bent knees. You can adjust for the perfect position!
  • Plush Padding: Enjoy foam padding covered in vegan leather that is easy to clean and gives it a classic look.
  • D-Rings for Cuffs: Fully restrain your partner by cuffing their hands to the D-rings attached to the backrest.
  • Quick Release Buckles: All the straps are made from nylon and have plastic buckles that quickly and easily release in a matter of seconds!
  • Sex Machine with Variable Speed Dial: Enjoy a powerful pounding from a machine that delivers up to 195 thrusts per minute! Use the corded remote with its variable speed dial to change the thrusting speed.
  • Dildo Included: Use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo and swap out for your favorite style!
  • Vac-U-Lock System: Use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo and swap out for your favorite style!
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